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Q: When would you recommend for us to list/enroll our child in this program?


A: As Common Ground is always at capacity each year, the first step is to get on the waiting list for a seat. It is not uncommon for there to be up to a 2 year wait before a seat becomes available, so it is important to place your child on the waitlist early.


Q: Exactly how does the wait list work, and why do you not make known what number my child is on that list?


A: The maximum number of children that we can have in our program is 60.  We enroll students in grades K-5; however, due to teacher-to-child ratios and the structure of our program, our enrollment encompasses a maximum of thirty kindergarten through 2nd graders and thirty 3rd through 5th graders. There is a higher demand for (K-2) spots so the wait time is typically longer. When you request to be on the wait list, your entry is dated. When a spot becomes available, we begin with the oldest entry and move up from there. We do not assign numbers and therefore cannot tell you what number your child is on the list.


Q: Do you provide any snacks/beverages/food?


A:  Yes. We provide healthy snacks and 100% fruit juice.  If a child has a dietary restriction, we try to honor it to the best of our ability.  If we cannot meet their needs, parents provide their snack.  We do not serve “meals”.  Snacks are items such as: granola and NutriGrain bars, fruit leather, applesauce, yogurt, whole wheat crackers, cheese, etc... Due to nut allergies, we do not serve products that contain nuts; however, we do serve products produced in facilities that may also process nuts.


Q: Will my child have time to do their homework?


A:  Yes.  Our Homework and Reading Club (H.A.R.C) is designed for 2nd-5th graders and is conducted every M, T, W, and TH. For more information, go to: Common Ground HARC


Q: What does the daily schedule look like?


A: This short video gives you a complete overview of our program and what is offered: Common Ground Video


Q: Is the expectation that parents not pick kids up until close to 6PM or do parents generally pick-up at their convenience?


A: We close promptly at 6pm so all children must be picked up by 6pm, but parents can pick-up their child earlier at their convenience.  We are an academic based extended care program.  For the children to get the most out of what we offer, it is best to let them stay as long as possible; however, there are children who do leave early for other extra-curricular activities.


Q: What if I need care for only three days a week?


A: We offer full-time only. Even if you only need coverage three days a week, your child can still attend on the other days when necessary or preferred.

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