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Our Program ...

 It's All About Balance.

Common Ground Extended Care is not the typical after school program. Our staff is comprised of dedicated and professional educators who believe that learning does not have to end when the regular school day is over, and more importantly, curriculum can be taught in a unique and exciting way with the emphasis being on “fun”.


The educational philosophy of Common Ground is to provide an environment where children are encouraged to learn, flourish, discover, and aspire to reach their highest potential while becoming responsible, considerate and contributing members of society. We promote positive reinforcement in the form of a daily recognition system with the emphasis on helping students be successful.


Our program's unique and original curriculum is planned by the Director and Head Teacher and focuses on weekly themes. Children enrolled in Common Ground take ownership in the program and contribute in a positive way to their school and the community, giving them a strong foundation while enhancing the overall educational and social school day experience. Children are also encouraged to share their individual talents and skills. This not only builds confidence, social, and public speaking skills, but also gives the child a strong sense of value and accomplishment among his/her peers.



Common Ground incorporates the diversity of the population enrolled, encouraging the exploration of our World and the different cultures, traditions and nationalities, while focusing on our similarities rather than our differences to promote respect and awareness. Oregon's Child Care Division guidelines are creatively implemented, providing school-age activities which support their need to practice and build skills in problem-solving, making responsible choices, cooperation, and appropriate social interaction. It's much more than just a tag line when we say "we grow young minds". It's our philosophy. And our passion.

H.A.R.C. (Homework and Reading Club) is designed for 2nd-5th graders and is conducted every M, T, W, and TH after “circle-up”. During H.A.R.C., the children do their homework or read. There are many benefits from this mandatory group activity. Not only are the children getting their homework done (or MOST of it done), they are establishing good habits. A quiet environment with good lighting, a sharpened pencil, eraser, ruler, and resource books; along with teachers who can assist with questions and classmates who act as a support system make H.A.R.C. a beneficial asset to the after school program that will most certainly lead to success in the classroom.

Our K-1’s (known as “Tater Tots”) are supervised by a K-1 teacher who provides a weekly curriculum that enhances their school day learning by focusing on reading comprehension and literature appreciation, in addition to building their writing and language skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

Each week our head teacher customizes and incorporates an educational theme into the program. Our Common Ground Weekly themes range from the historical, scientific and literary ... through the culinary, creative and natural realms. Parents receive announcements via email and some of our more hands-on curriculum is captured in photographs and placed on our Flickr photo sharing page for viewing.

Throughout the year we schedule special guests to come in to teach, entertain and empower our kids. From scuba divers, meteorologists, professional sports figures, various musicians and musical groups ... to historians, craft and dance instructors, environmentalists, animal groups and forensic scientists ... Common Ground incorporates interesting and new ideas to make our after-school program fun and engaging.

Common Ground is dedicated to keeping kids active and healthy which is why we provide organized K-5 Physical Education and not just recess. Our PE/Fitness program exposes your child to a wide variety of activities and encourages them to discover and enhance their skills. We teach kids that physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only now, but for the rest of their lives. 

Some of the activities and exercises we offer are: • Timed obstacle courses • Circuit exercises • Boot camp style calisthenics • Upper/Lower body exercises • Core exercises • Aerobic exercises • Jogging • Relay races • Sprints • Dodge ball • Scatter ball • Flag games • Sports skills • Ball games. Lesson plans are done by the PE Teacher and approved by the Director.

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