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2018-2019 School Year


Weekly Tuition:


Full time (3-5 days per week): $115.00

Part time (2 days per week):    N/A*

Sorry, we cannot accept drop-ins.

Additional siblings receive a 10% discount off the weekly tuition.

*Part time slots not currently available


Registration Fee:


$50 per student

$25 per each additional sibling.


For billing inquiries please email us at


Payment is due on the 15th of the month prior attendance.*


Tuition is calculated annually and paid in 10 equal amounts on a monthly basis throughout the school year.


Late fees may apply for untimely payment of your child's tuition.


Checks or on-site credit card swipe are the only accepted forms of payment.


Please refer to your Parent's Handbook for additional payment policies.


* Except enrollment for September. Enrollment papers, registration fees and first month's tuition for the new school year are due at the end of the previous school year.